Grr. Argh.

So I have like fifty-niner and eight things to be reading and writing and cleaning and taking care of instead of writing here while the adorable parasite sleeps.  The problem is the adorable parasite is not so adorable today.  What he is today is a raging beast to rival those found in the fiery pits of hell.

At gymnastics, or as he calls it – ‘sticks, that guy screamed in the face of the instructor, ran everywhere but where he should and then screamed some more.  We had to leave early and sit in the car in the parking lot for 15 minutes so I could stop crying long enough to make it to the gym.  Oh, and the gym.  More screaming.  Crying when I left him at daycare which he hasn’t done since the days of yore.  And then when we were putting on shoes to leave?  He screamed so loud and so many times that he made a little girl cry and made the rest of the gym rats glare at me like, ‘Shut your monstrous kid up, asshole’.  Oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

Plus?  Ass drunk husband coming in at 2am + suspicious noise in the basement when home alone = up til four.  Throw in PMS and yet. another. dreary. sunless. day.  And you have me in a bell tower with a sniper rifle.  Or more accurately, curled in the fetal position on my couch feeling quite ranty and random.

Rant #1 -  Why is the news always bad?  Why isn’t there a happy news only channel?  Or at least a happy news only show?  I, for one, don’t want to be bombarded by shootings, bombings, rapings and pillagings while strapped to an elliptical machine running for my life.  Or at least to lift and firm my butt.  No more news at the gym please, it’s depressing enough to be there.

Rant #2 – Can we talk about the weather?  This is serious business here in Portlandia, as I’m told it is in England.  Holla, Sian.  It is June twentyfuckingninth, yo.  When are we gonna see the sun for more than one day in a row?  When are the temps going to reflect the fact that it is motherfucking SUMMER?  And who is paying meteorologists the big bucks to tell me ON THE NEWS while AT THE GYM that they will be updating the weather as changes occur and that we should HAVE FAITH that the sun’ll come out tomorrow?  I can update the weather for free, thankyouverymuch, by sticking my head out the window every now and then.  Hey look!  It’s cool and cloudy.  No degree required.  Somebody get me to Texas, stat!

Random #1 – On a slightly more positive note, I love the Voice.  And in strong contrast to the travesty of American Idol, I don’t think America can do wrong in picking a winner.  All the choices are pretty spectacular, although my favorites are Dia and Beverly.  I’m leaning a bit more towards Dia simply because I have a big, fat crush on Blake Shelton after watching this cocky country dude get all fatherly and mushers over his two final contestants.  It was a beautiful thing to see, I hope he has daughters someday because he will RULE as a father.  Bring it on America, we’ll be cool anywhichway.

12 thoughts on “Grr. Argh.

  1. I hear ya sister! Why are babies so freakin crabby like they’re new little people or something?! And, buddy bear can’t be left with anyone for more than about 15 minutes unless we’re paying them good money, that’s real fun. Bad news at the gym-boo. I much prefer watching cooking shows and planning what I can eat to replace the run I’m desperate to finish and GTFO.

    Houston in August will be devine,yes I just said Houston and devine it the same sentence. You can sit on the concrete and soak up every last ray of sunshine! That’s my plan over the next two weeks. AND if one more person says, “leaving the NW in the summer?” In a shocked and accusing tone I might bang my head on the wall-this is NOT summer and I have little hope it ever will be. Whew seems I need to rant too.

    Okay I need lunch and a teeny bit of alone time before my poop machine wakes up from nap. Hope things start looking up!

    1. I watch pretty much only cooking shows at the gym! Unless I get stuck in a spot where I can see the news – boo!

      Yes, get out there and soak up some of that sun for me!

  2. I so feel your pain. Last night, the hubs asked what I did all day. I told him I just kept putting Lillie in time out. Then I complain on Facebook and you know what people tell me? They say, “Oh, 2 is nothing. Wait until she’s 3…that’s so much worse.” Gee, thanks for making me feel better. Grr!

    But, then there are times when they are so wonderful that you completely forget when they are not….

    1. Haha, I told this to Jessica today at playgroup. Why is there always someone that wants to say, oh just wait it gets worse? Next time I’m going to pull a Bubs and scream in their face. lol

      And yes to the wonderful:) Thank god for that or the human race would be doomed.

  3. So sorry for your day ‘o not fun! Tomorrow will be better, pinky swear!
    I am with you on the Voice – completely by surprise! And I, too, am smitten by Blake Shelton’s mushiness, loved their duet last night!

    1. You were right, tomorrow (today) was better! And did you watch the finale of the Voice? Don’t worry, no spoilers here:)

      1. Missed the finale but I did hear who won and I was surprised because they seemed to be acting like they knew he wouldn’t win, but I was happy with the winner. And happy to not have to see Xtina and her attitude week after week :)

  4. hee check me out getting a mention :)

    Oh Hon I am so with you on children kicking off in public. My two are getting quite skilled at it. The other evening hubby came home to find the boys separated in their bedrooms as they wouldn’t stop fighting while I sobbed like a baby in our bedroom. Total mum fail! Hubby said ‘don’t worry this day got the best of you that’s all’…to which all I thought ‘and I’ve got to do it ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW. It was PMS mixed in their too and the next day I was over it. Just breath right…

    Damn right about the weather just as I was complaining about the weather the next day a heat wave struck, mind you in England a heat wave is one or 2 days of hot weather where everyone goes nuts, wears hardly any clothing and gets sun burnt to bits. We are back to can’t make its mind wimpy weather

    Sigh love a good rant

    1. Sounds like total mom win to separate them and yourself. Sometimes we need a little break from everyone else. Kids too!
      Today was better. there was a ton of screaming, but it was at the park and everyone else was screaming too. Fun times for all us mamas:)

  5. I’m sorry, just a moment, I have to wipe the tears from my eyes to see the monitor to add my comment. Your writing style and description of your day made me laugh so hard I was crying. So really I’m crying with you.
    It gets mostly better, not worse. Honest.
    Your Rants and Random rule.

    1. So you’re crying with me then, not crying at me? Because if you’re crying at me then I’m pretty sure I’ve got another post abrewin’ and some (probably unrelated) self esteem issues to boot.
      I’m holding you to the getting better part. That kid is a maniac. Not a bad dancer though.

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