Stuff I Starred Sunday – Beacuse I Really, Really Care

Things are happening.  At an alarming rate.  Not really anything life shattering or mind blowing, but stuff none the less.  Problem is I cannot seem to keep up with it at this stage in my existence.  Maybe that depression thing again saying knock knock, motherfucker.  (Don’t break the Bloggess’ internets anymore, just give her the love on the regular)

Or maybe S.A.D. because I live in the land where summer comes in day long spurts followed by week long bouts of gloom and heavy cloud cover.  Hells yeah I am seasonally affected.  I am affected by the seasons never changing in my favor.

Or maybe because my house is now free from pests, crime and house guests?  To be fair my home has be always been free of pests and crime, except for the crime of loving Celebrity Rehab.  Of that I am guilty, guilty, guilty.  Hey, it’s kinda like work related research since I was once a therapist.  And in rehab.  Pretty sure this is in some way a write off.  Someone should be paying me to watch that shit.

So here’s the cool shit from this week, no less cool from being on Sunday rather than Saturday.  Enjoy, lovelies.

The supafly.


Polaroid Masterpieces

Fist Bump

Piratize Yourself


Dancing Chihuahuas, Vagina Dresses, and Pudding

Dear Disney,

And You Thought Saran-Wrapping a Cubicle Was a Good Prank

Summation of a Typical Facebook Argument

Unicorns Get Stabby, Too

The World in Reflection

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.

The First World Problems Rap

I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper

The yum sauce.

More Than a S’more: 9 Variations on a Summer Classic

The real.

Story of a Daver

Like Father, Unlike Son (a Father’s Day

A Difficult Pregnancy From The Dad’s

The Telling, Left Untold

If There Is A Real, There Must Be A Fake.

The useful.

How to Create a Fun and Productive Schedule for the Summer Season

Sensory Trays Keep the Meltdowns Away

Be Happy AND Get Happier

The aww.

Kitten in a Hamster Ball

Dog with Four Prosthetic Legs

The beauty.

Introducing: Sketches on Canvas

Wordless Wednesday: Trapped in a bubble…


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