Stuff I Starred Saturday – Pow! Zap! Bam!

The fucking Bloggess now comes in comic book form.  For those of you that are in the know about me, you know that this makes me go all pittery pattery as well as truly and tremendously envious.  She totes deserves it and fits right into that particular environment and I cannot imagine anything nearly as cool.  Bring a character on the Simpson’s would come close, but not quite the cigar.

That Bloggess, she’s like a word ninja, has access to samurai unicorn porn, owns a magical pig AND gets to be in comic book.  So she pretty much has the market on awesome cornered.  Way to make the rest of us look like slackers.

This, plus buying the Bubs his first comic last month, has me waxing 37.3 flavors of nostalgic for comics gone by.  I think I might have to do a top ten-er for this, but the obvs topper of such a list would be the epic Sandman by one Mister Neil Gaiman.  My favorite Endless would, of course, be the lovely and loopy Delirium who used to be Delight.  She reminds me of a mentally unhinged Cyndi Lauper.  I love her for statements like these.

“You know the best thing about aeroplanes? Apart from the peanuts in the little silver bags, I mean. It’s looking out of the windows at the clouds, and thinking, maybe I could go walking in there. Maybe it’s a special place where everything is okay. Sometimes I do go walking in the clouds, but it’s just cold and wet and empty, but when you look out a plane it’s a special world…and I like that.”

“I knew it was going to be the last place I looked for it, so I looked there first.”

“I lost some time once. It’s always in the last place you look for it.”

Go to your nearest library and check out every one of the Sandman books right now.  You will thank me.  But first, get to clicking the awesome below.  Peace out.

The beauty.

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Morning bike ride

Timelapse: Outer Banks

The supafly.

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