Stuff I Starred Saturday – In Case of Emergency, Zombie

So freaking tired.  There are no appropriate words forming any approximation of viable sentences to convey my feelings about these post links in an even fairly witty or interesting way.  And even to put them in some sort of order by category seems out of reach.  Plus I didn’t do a SISS last week so I have double the pleasure, double the fun.

Shorter than ushe because I left out a shit ton and picked out the best of the best.  Also realized that I star almost everything from Mommy Wants Vodka, the Bloggess and Bugginword and the better part of Whole Lot of Nothing which tells me y’all should be reading those blogs, bitchez, sos you can star ‘em yourself.  Lastly, always end on zombie if you’ve got it.


The Sweetest Thing.

The Oregon Trail

Sleepless in St. Charles

The X-Muppets

I Am The Face of PTSD

Official US Government Website Provides

Micro-Origami in Water

Uke My Baby

For your weekend

Three Albino Raccoons Found

Star Wars Brand Logos

Milky Way Cake

Playing with an Otter

Movie Scenes in Eye Shadow

Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau, Moravians
and Art as a Bridge

Playable LEGO Ukulele

Inspiration from Piet Mondrian

How To Lose Advertisers and Disgust

I’m Either Brave or Stupid. Probably
More Stupid.

Muppets and Monsters

Official US Government Website Provides
Advice on Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse



2 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday – In Case of Emergency, Zombie

    1. Then you’ve come to the right place. We have quite a bit of that for you here.

      BTW, I hear you kicked cancer in the gonads again. It almost made me twitter or [insert old, out of touch with social media & technology reference here] to give you some virtual woohooing and celebratory butt slapping. Consider it done and done.

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