Musical Interlude – Part Veintidos

Day#22 – A song that you listen to when you’re sad

Honestly I usually listen to Cat Stevens when I’m sad or wistful or introspective or pensive or some such shit.  I was all set to put The Wind or Oh Very Young which are both supremely awesome songs full of the wist when a song popped up on my ipod at the gym, a song that I had just remembered due to the awesomeness of Glee.  This song mos very def does not belong on a gym playlist unless you enjoy crying like a big, sweaty baby on the treadmill as you contemplate your self image, self worth and the path that your life has taken along with the tragically cut short life of one Left Eye Lopes.

Somehow I managed to suck it up and keep those tears inside, but it was raining in my heart.  On the real though, us lady-folk – from Gaga to that crazy lady who surgerized her face to look like a cat – have ALL felt those feelings of stabbing doubt and of just not measuring up to our ideals as well as those of society.  Which is why I picked this song over my typical crooner fare.  Plus, it’s such a pretty song.  And I do love me some irony.


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