Stuff I Starred Saturday – It Ain’t Over Until 12am


Oh, how I have missed you.  But oh, how tired I am.  Here’s this weeks awesome.  Love you.  Mean it.

The cute.

No Need For The Sunday Paper

Baby Goes Down The Stairs In Style For Bottle

The haha.

Stupid, Snake. You Go, Jesus Christ Lizard!

The Unofficial Smithers Love Song

Oregon State House of Representatives Rick Rolls Itself

The wacky.

Jim Henson’s Incredibly Violent Coffee Commercials

The Sartorial Elegance of Zombie Boy

The useful.

Growing Your Own Food: Planning the Layout

Computer Spring Cleaning, Part 2: Dealing with Data

Six Ways To A Better Blog

10 Things To Do Everyday to Stay Organized

The geeky.

Make It Tso

“A” is for Aquaman, “B” is for Batman

Star Wars the Musical

The Ultimate Internet Love Song

Solar System Scope

The DO it.

Spring {Glitter} Fling

BB2G Bringing Happy Back Tour: April Edition

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