Stuff I Starred Saturday – Better Than Eva

Some silly stuff that made me laugh

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SMASH

Mustache Makes It Even Better

Great Idea for a Cooking Show: My Drunk Kitchen

Jordy Lachance done grown up right.  As I can tell you I knew he would.  *lips tremble, eyes welling up* RIP RP, my tru <3 4 eva.  Much respeck for one of the great movies of our generation.

Though I hadn’t seen him in over twenty years, I knew I’d miss him forever

Horrific.  Save a turtle – reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Plastic Content of a Sea Turtle

Feelin’ it, yodel dee doh.

Musical Appreciaton: Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire) / YACHT

Would link you to the OG star, but you’d be 404′ed.  Read this because this is one insanely comapssionate, weirdly functional, totally radass lady o the internetties. 


What I imagine we walk into when we kick it.  Glory, glory.

The Aurora

Because you need sick and wicked to get you through the workday.  And because this is what I meant to convey in this post.

You probably need this

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday – Better Than Eva

    1. Why is it I’m like a deer in headlights when you comment here? I’m like what, who me? Maybe if I stand really still no one can see that I am a giant dork. The ship has probably sailed on that.

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