Stuff I Starred Saturday – Serenity, Get Yo Ass Over Here Now

I am sick y’all.  And it turns out it’s not the Black Death after all.  Sinus infection.  LAME, to be felled by an everyday plebeian illness.  And it has felled me.  But, single mother that I am these days, being felled includes going to the park, singing the Ants Go Marching ad infinitum, making countless snacks, power struggles over to wear or not to wear shoes, and on and on and on. 

Meanwhile, back at the Batcave (read: our home in Ptown) my husband got to leave work early yesterday because he wasn’t feeling well.  Then he got to sleep all day today not serenaded by toddler whines and pleeeases.  And he’ll likely do that all weekend long.  Better for him we are separated by many states and the remote I’ve thrown in his general direction has not even a slight chance of bonking him in the bean.   

This one goes out to all the single ladies with the babies.  Here’s hoping you get some sleep and some Y-O-U time this weekend.  Or at least get to pee without a screaming child at your feet.  Serenity now!

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