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Top Ten {Tuesday} – Greatest Shows of All Time

OMG, y’all!  Somehow I have gone almost two months without mentioning my lifelong L-O-V-E for the crazy little thing called TV.  I enjoy movies, I even love many, many of them.  But nothing can quite compare to the feelings between me and my stories.  Those shows come into my home week after week and spill their guts so that I get to know them better than they know themselves.  It is an intimate experience that over time, just like a relationship.  And oh how I mourn them when they are gone.

Going through the list of all the TV series ever, I quickly realized that there is no way in the world or beyond that I could possibly narrow it down to ten.  But I could probably narrow it down to 5 or so subgroups (nothing gets a geek going like lists and subgroups).  So, seven part series!  Top 10′s of premium channel shows, childhood favs, sci-fi, current shows, animated, sitcoms and greatest ever. 

I’m starting today with my top 10 greatest of all time.  Some of these will likely cross over to other lists, but that will be the only crossovers.  Please realize that lists like these are highly subjective so don’t get bunchy ladypants because I didn’t include True Blood or Green Acres.  This is what I love and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason.  I am pretty curious your opinions though.  What shows do you think are the greatest?

10.  Picket Fences – Quirky, character driven, charming small town life at its best.  And freaking Kathy Baker, who is completely amazing.  This show never failed to push the envelope and examine the weird, the complex and the undesirable with depth and class.

9.  China Beach – If this show is ever to be replayed on any channel I will stop whatever it is I’m doing and watch every episode being aired.  The love stories and humor alongside the horror of war and death in Vietnam just did something to me.  Those characters are curled up somewhere around the vicinity of my heart and always will be.

8.  Friends – Do I even need to say anything here.  I mean, really.  Rachel and Ross.  Chandler and Monica.  Phoebe.  I’ll be there for any of you, any day.

7.  Beverly Hills, 90210 – Cheesy teenage angst?  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!  Dylan, Brenda and Kelly’s love triangle, Tori Spelling’s physical ‘transformation’, Donna’s virginity, Brandon’s stick up the assitude.  There was a message in every show and even though these kids were supposed to be walking on the wild side, they were all so innocent and earnest.  Nostalgia to the extreme. 

6.  My So Called Life – This show has such resonance because as teenagers ourselves we all wished for a Jordan Catalano of our very own and a meaningful and sincere voice over that explained all of life’s little secrets in hipster kid jargon.  These kids were also earnest, in their awkward little way and it felt so fresh and of the moment with their Buffalo Tom and Juliana Hatfield appearances.  I wonder where they all are now.  Is Jordan working at a garage, still wearing those uniforms that he favored?  Did Angela marry Brian Krakow and move into her parents house and take over the family business?  Did Ricky ever find a safe home and someone to love him?  These are the things that I think about as I drift off to sleep.

5.  Northern Exposure - I watched the entire first season over the summer and I could not get enough.  I dreamed about the characters and imagined myself in scenes and situations with them.  I am not embarrassed by this at all because this show was fing awesome and if I could somehow transport myself into the magical, mystical, zany world of Cicely, Alaska I would do it in a heartbeat.

4.  Battlestar Galatica – I loved the rakish Starbuck on the original show in my youth, but I am referencing the more recent BSG.  I love the dimensions of the characters and how no one, not even the venerable Adama, is above humanity and failure to live up to expectations.  Every character is a standout, but Saul Tigh I found to be exceptional.  The struggle with alcoholism, the insanely charged relationship with his wife and his intense loyalty to Adama blew me away.  The entire show was such a ballad to the resiliency of the human spirit – wonderful.

3.  Lost – Oh Lost, I am lost without you.  This being the most recently cancelled on my list, it is the one the I am longing for the most.  The mourning process is hard, yo.  I watched Lost from the very first episode and I was captivated, like the rest of the universe, from then by how different and out and out weird it was.  I loved every character, even Ben.  Well, maybe love is a bit strong for Ben, but I had intense feelings for him.  I loved the ending because it satisfied my desire for a happy ending and I had long reconciled my thirst for answers with respect for the reality of the unknowable mystery of the island.  RIP, Lost.

2.  Seinfeld -  Come on, please.  Everything in life can be related to one Seinfeld episode or another.  Plus, hilarious.

1.  Buffy – Hands down, favorite show of all time.  The struggle of good vs evil, the sacrifice of youth for the greater good, the character development and relationships between them, the cadence of Joss Whedon’s writing out of the mouths of the Scoobie’s – there is not one bit that I don’t love.  Oh, and I am a full on Spike gal.  No whiny, sad sack Angel for me.  Although I do have great love for the big old martyr on his own show.  Buffy was such a satisfying seven seasons and I am still enjoying the characters through the comic currently in print.

Check out the other terrific Top Ten Tuesday lists hosted by the lovely Oh Amanda, you won’t regret it!
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Memories on a Stick

I am home, y’all. And like Bobby Frost always says, “Home is the place where, when you have to go there,
they have to take you in.”  As per the ushe they took me in and we had, how shall we phrase it, re-entry issues.  It always take a bit o time to readjust to each other and to the cadence of everyday livin’ and lately there is not much everyday in our livin’.  Hence massive attacks of re-entry issues. 

The snarl was unsnarled yesterday and me and the Babers had a lovely meal and movie out thanks to my lovely ladyfriend visiting from the inland northwest.  The whole shebang has got me thinking about life and the long and the short of it all.  I mean, I know when it’s my turn to shuffle off this mortal coil I will be all, holy shit, the time it does fly.  But life in the  day to day feels long and forever and a day-ish. 

Does anyone else feel like they’ve lived a million lives in one?  It’s like constant reincarnation without the whole dying and coming back bit.  All these lives, variations, embodiments are tangled, tousled together and pop back up at the most random of moments.  From growing up in a cult to dancin’ for money; from self anesthitizing in the underground club scene of Houston to baby mama in most liberal of ‘burbs; from 9/11 in the NYC to the almost two years spent in mental institutions.  I gots some stories.  We all do.  So stay tuned next week for the new Me, Myself and I Mondays.  A little piece of my past laid out on the page for my possible humiliation and your possible entertainment.

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Stuff I Starred Saturday – Crazy Little Thing

In honor of me being home with my Babers (and because Valentine’s Day just ended), here’s a bunch of leftover mushy, gushies to make you go aww.  If you click nothing else, click the last link.  I was a blubbery baby about it and my son made me play it four times in a row.  Love is all around us, in so many forms.   I find that to be mighty bad-ass.


Zombie Valentine’s

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Valentine Breakfast Surprise

Kinda Like 1995

Crochet Zoidberg

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365 Simple Pleasures to Brighten a Year

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little love letters

A Rare Look Inside Pixar Studios

10 things making me wonder….am I the only one?

Feb 11 2011

photographic darkness.

Goodbye, Barcelona!

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Fat Friday – Bigger, Not Better


Up 1.2, down 8.8 total.

Yes, I said up. Gained 1.2 pounds and I followed the program, y’all. Weight Watchers, why the forsaking? Super lame.

We’re off to Ptown on a full flight after the Bubs woke us both up at 4am. And now I get to spend 4 hours with a wiggly, sleep deprived toddler sharing my precious leg room.

I know it will all be worth it when we see my husband, but that is then and this is now. Pray for me people if you do that sort of thing.

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Fat Friday – The One Where I See My Husband

I am going home, y’all!  I am going to see my husband and my friends and my cat and my home and my Uggs that for some reason I left there and suffered through weeks of unexpected Texas snow without.  Bubs and I are off on a jetty jetplane on Friday morning and this is being written on Thursday evening so I have no weight to report.  I will throw up the digits when I get a chance.

I have been all Couch and no 5K due to the knee injury on the SECOND day.  Because I am cool like that.  Still in pain here, but have been given the go ahead to ride the stationary bike on no resistance so you know that’s gonna melt those pounds away.  I will get back to it, I feel affronted enough by my decrepit old knee to want to show it who’s boss.

My hubbers and I are not known for our restraint in regards to food stuffs.  Pretty sure we had cookie dough three times the last time I was home.  In one week, y’all.  So I am kinda trepidacious about the loss of all that I have worked to lose this past 5 weeks.  I feel like I am leaving the ranch and my old life is conspiring against me in the weight loss game.  I don’t want to be a freak about it and I definitely want to have a good time while home, but I don’t want that yo-yo swinging back up.  I have a kinda, sorta plan of what we’ll eat this weekend and will try to get a jump on the week then.  But I need ideas, suggestions, direction.  -What works for you when you’re faced with temptation?  How do you just say no when you really want to celebrate and stuff your face with wild abandon?

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