Stuff I Starred Saturday –

Today is my dear friend’s 40th birthday.  A big cheers to you, dear friend, I hope all your dreams come true! Mwah and mwah and kissyface your way. And to the rest of you too.  I mean I hope your dreams come true too.  Not the mwah or mway or kissyface.  You’re nice, but I’m just not ready.  Awkward.  

But mostly I’m hoping for my friends dreams to come true.  At least today.  Tomorrow could be your day though.  You should check your horoscope to verify this, but I am pretty certain that tomorrow is in fact your day.. Or perhaps the day after.  I should probably consult my sources and get back to you on that.  While I do that check these links because there is greatness in there this week.  And zombies.

It All Matters

Items with intention challenge


Yes, this is a post about Radiohead, you cannot possibly be surprised

Life Plans

Zombie Love Song

A Softer World: 643

The Year of the Beard

You Have What It Takes: Act Boldly

Tall Painting

Interview With An Internet Safety Expert

Step-by-Step: Vegetarian Tamales

Apology is a Lovely Perfume

18 Facts You Might Not Know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday –

    1. Loved the tamales…starred that one myself! And the thoughts on apology to children…had to use that myself yesterday…thank you!

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I’m Joules and although I’m sure the lovely Crystal did enjoy your article it was me who posted it. It was motivating and inspirational and felt different from other similar articles I have read on the subject. I thought it was worth sharing because we all need the reminder that we have greatness inside.
      Happy weekend!

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