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Coming Out: Wait Was I In?

So, if you know much of anything about blogs and bloggers then you’ve probably read, or at least heard of, The Bloggess.  Hysterical, majorly kooky, borderline offensive, flat out raging provocateur.  That shit gets real, so be forewarned if you are of delicate constitution.  I could write an ode to this woman.  Hellion though she may be, she is also a  major humanitarian and supreme magical Christmas diva as evidenced by this post and this one.  I’m telling you, she will make you wish you were mentally ill.

I’m writing about The Bloggess today because I am one of her faithful minions and because I’m fairly certain that you get ejected from Blogsville if you are not, but mainly because she is joining in on Michael Kimber‘s Come Out Campaign.  The purpose being to bring mental illness out into the light of day, y’all.  Ease up on the stigma, promote understanding and all that jazz.  Bad mojo goes down when we try to keep it all inside.  People get shot up, children get drowned in cars by mothers, and many, many people kill themselves.  This is Jenny’s Coming Out post.  In it you will hear a bit about the absolutely heart rending, life changing, horrendous experience that Lori suffered(is still suffering) through.  Maybe we can prevent more of these situations, things, experiences(the words do not hold the weight of it) from happening.

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me, and not really a surprise even on this blog as evidenced by this post.  I have never held back anything about my hospitalizations, medications or rehab stint.  But in solidarity, I’m going back in and coming out anew.

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Stuff I Starred Saturday

So I am not much for posting on the weekends as I don’t get too much time with my hubbers during the week when we are in Portland.  But I also loathe that long 48 without new content on my Google Reader, so I thought I’d spread some link lovin’ and let you in on what I found star-worthy on my reader this week.  

Happiness is…Rainbow Pancakes!

Dessert Duos

I fucking love you people

Pirate Valentines

Chocolate Toffee Shortbread Bars

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Fat Friday: I Passed on the Eggs, Yo

So this week was still hard and I was still hungry, but I am getting back into the groove of the Weight Watchers machine.  I am bulking up with fruits and veggies, I am combining my lean protein with whole grains, I am on the fing ball, people.  I even chose a lesser points laden dessert last night over the vanilla scented manna from heaven that is Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I have been sitting on that little bag for almost a week!

I did not meet my goal of starting to work out.  Excuses include:  I was in Houston for the week, I don’t have any workout clothes, I am a lazy beast and I don’t wanna.  But I did obtain a new pair of running shoes and an app for that.  That being Couch to 5K, beezies.  I have been inspired by one particular member of my Ptown homies – the Mamas group.  She has lost 50 lbs, y’all!  And she has been running her butt off even with a little rapscallion of her own and a job.  You are rocking it out, A!  Plus one of my bloggy crush girls, Big Mama, is off the couch and onto the 5K too, so bonus inspiration.  So my new goal for this week is to start Couch to 5K and we’ll see if I make it through the week without some time spent on a ventilator.

Oh, BTW, did I tell you…


Down 2.2, 6.60 thus far.  Here is some inspirational music to pump you up courtesy of Daniel-san.  Happy weekend, peeps!

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You Might Want to Take a Step Back or You Might Get Cut

Have I told you about my current living arrangements?  I have?  Well, excuse me, but I am not able to access the information being stored in my gray matter at the moment due to an utter fail of a good nights sleep.  Let me give you a little background remind to refresh my own mind a bit – down south looking for work, husband’s at home with the cat and the house and the rain, staying with awesome sister and family.  What I may not have mentioned is that I am sharing a room with my two year old.  So, super duper.

I love my kid to the dwarf planet previously know as a planet and back, but I do not love this arrangement.  I need sleep.  Like probably at least 9 hours a night.  I long for sleep.  I lust for it.  But, in true self saboteur form, I love the nightlife and like to boogie on the ‘nets or with a book into the late, late.  These needs do not mesh well on a good day and sleeping in a room with a restless baby rolling and scooting and thrashing + crib with slats too far apart to keep a binky from falling through = less than stellar sleep sessions.  Then, just for bleeps and giggles, let’s throw in a demonic 2:20am shriek from said baby requiring said mama, blind as a bat without glasses, to crawl around on the floor of the dark room searching for said binky by the light of her iphone.  And let’s throw some more on the fiery goodness and have the baby stay up singing and turning the closet light on and off for the next two hours.  Because it’s the only thing he can reach from the prison bed in which he sleeps.  And because he wants to see how far he can take it.  And let’s not forget that the baby then wakes up for good a full 45 minutes before normal and proceeds to noisily throw each toy he was given to play with as a bribe for respite down the crack between his crib and the wall. 

So, yeah.  Here’s a list of my Top Ten Sleep Plz songs.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1.  Sleep Don’t Weep  -  Damien Rice

2.  Get Some Sleep  -  Bic Runga

3.  I’m Only Sleeping  -  The Beatles

4.  Who Needs Sleep?  -  The Barenaked ladies

5.  No Sleep Til Brooklyn  -  The Beastie Boys

6.  When You Sleep  -  Cake

7.  City of Sleep  -  Great Northern

8.  No Sleep Tonight  -  The Faders

9.  Sleeping In  -  The Postal Service

10.  Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed  -  Daniel Lanois

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Wordless Wednesday – And Once Again – the Bubs



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